RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Grid Direct

RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Grid Direct 1.40.4

Do you want an ASP.NET control for OLAP-Analysis? Do you want...

Do you want an ASP. NET control for OLAP-Analysis? Do you want a powerful OLAP library without having to install any software or any ActiveX components on the client side?

Do you want to provide your clients or customers with a perfect, flawless thin OLAP client? If you have the relatively small database and don't want to set up the dedicated OLAP server.

If you want to connect directly to your relational database. If you want your thin client to be scalable enough. If you want your customers to use such OLAP functionality as Pivoting, Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, and time series analysis.

And if you want all these functions to be tunable. If you want to have multilevel dimensions in your cube. If you want the OLAP grid for ASP. NET to display the hierarchical dependencies in the Parent-Child dimensions.

If want your clients to be able to use OLAP with Windows, Linux, or MAC OS. And, at last, if you don't want to pay royalty for your every single client.

Then you're looking for a perfect OLAP decision. And now it's not a dream any longer. You may consider all this to have been done. We did it. And we're happy to present you the new and long-expected product ;RadarCube ASP.

NET Direct;, which makes the dreams come true. Try onlineDemo Application to get a clue about RadarCube ASP. NET. Key features: 100% managed code, entirely written in C# 2.

Medium trust compliance. It can be used on most shared Windows hosting environments. Supports IE 5. 5 or above, Firefox 1. 1 or above, Opera 9. 0 or above.

Supports the client-side operating systems: Windows (all versions), Linux, Mac OS. Requires no OLAP-servers to work. An ability to create any multidimensional cube in run time or design time, using the minimum web-server memory.

One or several tables/views /stored procedures described in a DataSet object canbe used as a data source. Also direct working with the components supporting theIDbCommand interface is possible to speed up the data fetching.

A set of standard aggregation functions like Sum, Count, Distinct Count, Min, Max,Biased or Unbiased Variance, Median and so on. Custom aggregation functions canalso be used instead or along with.

Numbers, strings or dates can be used as measure values. All entities of modern industrial OLAP-servers are supported: dimensions, hierarchies,hierarchy levels and their relations.

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RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Grid Direct


RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Grid Direct 1.40.4

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